california market center. 


As the California Market Center undergoes exciting renovations, we wanted to give prospective tenants
a glimpse into the future of modern business creativity. So we created a campaign that offered
a surrealistic preview of what's to come. This unique approach allowed us to showcase
the potential of the space and inspire the imaginations of those who will occupy it.


Orange is a color that evokes excitement and stimulates the mind. It's vibrant and inviting, creating a social atmosphere that encourages action and pleasure. At the same time, it represents strength and endurance, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to motivate and inspire. Whether you're looking to create a dynamic event or simply add some energy to your space, orange is the way to go.



media + entertainment.

The deep, rich hue of eggplant has long been associated with creativity, mystery, and the magic of the media and entertainment industry. But its shades of purple also evoke a sense of nobility, luxury, and ambition. Purple represents independence, wisdom, and dignity, making it the perfect color for those who strive for excellence. Whether you're looking to tap into your creative side or achieve your goals with determination, this color is sure to inspire.


Slate is the color of the future when it comes to technology. It's a shade that represents knowledge, depth, and expertise, while also evoking feelings of stability and security. The stabilizing nature of this hue is associated with protection, maturity, and practicality - making it the perfect choice for those seeking to convey a sense of authority in the tech industry.



food + beverage.

Green is the color of renewal and life, inspiring feelings of ambition, hope, and harmony. It represents health, fertility, and peace, reminding us of the endless possibilities for growth and renewal.


the outcome.




partner: patrick hodges
agency: kastner