california market center. 


With new renovations happening at California Market Center we created a campaign for
prospective tenants giving them a surrealistic glimpse into what modern business creativity looks like.


The vibrancy of the color orange creates a social, inviting, and exciting atmosphere.
Orange corresponds to desire, pleasure, and thirst for action; while stimulating mental activity and being symbolic for strength and endurance.



media + entertainment.

The eggplant hue sparks creativity, mystery, and the magic of the Media and Entertainment industry.
The shades of purple evoke nobility, luxury, quality, and ambition; while symbolizing independence, wisdom and dignity.


Slate symbolizes the futuristic growth of the field of technology. This tone of gray evokes a feeling of knowledge, depth, expertise and stability.
The hue’s stabilizing effect is linked to protection, maturity, and practicality.



food + beverage.

Rousing the feeling of renewal and life; green is associated with ambition, hope, and harmony.
While evoking health, fertility, and peace.


the outcome.




partner: patrick hodges
agency: kastner