atlanta track club.

Microsoft joined forces with the Atlanta Track Club as a sponsor for their upcoming races, with the goal of increasing brand love among tech-savvy audiences in Atlanta. Through this partnership, we aimed to demonstrate to kids how to apply STEM principles to everyday activities such as staying active. As the second-largest running organization in the U.S., the Atlanta Track Club is committed to sustainability, diversity, and youth programming, making it a natural fit for this collaboration. By supporting kids in STEM through this partnership, we hope to inspire a love of science and technology in the next generation.

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atlanta hawks.

To further expand the initiative to introduce youth to STEM,
Microsoft and the Atlanta Hawks partnered to create STEM-focused camps.
During these camps, kids had the opportunity to code their own speedometers
and participate in fun basketball drills, all while learning about science and technology.
This partnership allowed us to combine two passions – basketball and STEM – in a way that was engaging and educational for kids.

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